Two Years

I’m approaching the close of two years since teaching myself to play backgammon.

I took up the game on May 1, 2019, ahead of a June ’19 working birthday-vacation, and then decided to get a little more serious about really playing, and opened this blog, that following September.

Along the way, I’ve collected a library of books, more boards than my wife, B., would prefer (including a new pride-and-joy, a custom Gammoner board, early this year), some cool toys (I’m looking at you, Save The Gammon), joined a local league, played a former World Champion and Giant of the game, and took my DailyGammon game from a FIBS 1,200 to a FIBS 1,745 (though I’ve fallen off somewhat, lately, during a recent bout of massive work-distraction).…

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