Rolling the Dice in Paradise

I’m starting a new blog-entry category: Articles and Press.

I’ve found a few articles, here and there— and mainly of the older sort, that I’ve occasionally posted to my Facebook, and thought I would also begin keeping them here, on Mack Gammon, as well.

I’ll give a little snippet of interest for each, but the main concern is for your ability to click through to the article itself (which will typically be much, much longer), because I don’t simply want to repost another publication’s work.

We’ll begin with this one:

Rolling the Dice in Paradise
High-stakes backgammon players flock to Monte Carlo to pit themselves against the competition and soak in the opulence
By Michael Kaplan, From Cigar Aficionado, Tom Selleck, Nov/Dec 2007


“In poker it’s the riffling of chips. In backgammon it’s the rumbling of dice. Either way, when that very distinct sound reverberates from multiple sources simultaneously, you can assume that something serious is transpiring. In both instances, it is the percussive sound of people playing a game that seems simple on the surface but is brain-bendingly complex at its highest level. Such is the case as I watch the action in Monte Carlo at the Fairmont Hotel.

The Mediterranean Sea, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows at the Fairmont, is an illustration of affluence, punched up by yachts, private helicopters and cruise ships. Inside a nondescript ballroom at the hotel, which could be located anywhere from Newark to Naples, there’s also plenty of affluence, but you’d never know it. People are dressed down, Champagne is not on offer and the energy is focused on rolling dice and moving checkers around a felt-topped board.”

The rest of this article may be found by following the link, above.

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