Monte Carlo Dreaming

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Monte Carlo— I was spending time “down the road” in Cannes, attending an industry awards festival, and decided to take a day exploring by car, driving up the coast through Nice, Monte Carlo and, briefly, crossing the Italian border. It was wonderful.

Doing my part to keep Monte Carlo family-friendly.

There’s truly no other place like it; it’s unique in the world.

I want to eventually go back and play in the Backgammon World Championship, not because I feel I can win it, but for the experience of it.

Here’s what the Championship looked like in 1985. I wish I’d been playing the game back then (instead, I was playing USTA Junior tennis and sailing competitively); I’d be much (much, much) farther along, today, if I had.

I’ll get there. Eventually.

1985: Boris Becker, two years older than me at the time, won Wimbledon for the first time that year. That’s when I knew my USTAJ playing wasn’t going to make me an International powerhouse, and I might want to find something new. 😀

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