FIBS Fifteen Hundred

I’ve gone on a nice little tear since I posted my 1,400th game update on the 11th.

The red line indicates where I stood eleven days ago.

Then, eleven days ago, my FIBS rating stood at 1,429.87. Last night, I managed to (re)cross the 1,500 mark, a place I haven’t been since the first day I began playing (and began with an automatic 1,500, a number that climbed slightly— and only very briefly— before crashing to Earth while I learned the game).

Waiting for the FIBS score to roll from this…

…to this…

…was, um, anticipatory. I’d won a match and knew it would put me over the top, but my opponent had stepped away and hadn’t cleared the game, leaving my score in limbo. I had time to shower, dress, take B and C to the new Depeche Mode movie at the Angelika, return home, eat, fret some more, get undressed, climb into bed, and ready to shut down for the night.

All while continually refreshing the screen. Because, obsession.

Along the way to re-cracking FIBS 1,500, I’ve also managed to win a few more tournaments, which always feels good.

Three more tournament wins since November 11.

This was all kicked off, I believe, after having a good night at my second night of attendance with the Dallas Backgammon League, where I lost in the first round to a long-time League player, but by a score of 6-7. While I lost, the fashion in which I did gave me a nice boost of confidence and an urge to concentrate even more on improving, overall, and on the game-at-hand, in particular.

I’m having to take a couple of weeks off from League play— this week because my daughter, C, had a piece of her artwork exhibited at the George W. Bush Presidential Library (where they also thankfully had a cash bar) on the night of League play, and next week because I will be visiting my brother in Houston for Thanksgiving (the person who, you might recall, first introduced me to the game).

I’ll take my board with us when we go; I’m hoping to get my brother back into the game and maybe engage in some tournament play. It’d be nice to travel around with him, and even team up in some doubles events, eventually.

For now, though, my immediate goal is to hold on to my FIBS 1,500 ranking, and extend it past my all-time high from the first day I started playing (which isn’t very all-time high for most people, but I’m working a process, here, so cut me some slack).

I call this one, “Before the Fall.”

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving— which here in the states means eating leftovers for eternity— and safe travels whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep this blog entry from jinxing my precarious, new FIBS score. I should go look for some wood to rap.

Rating: 1506.96 – Experience 1,595

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