Bookgammon, v1.0

After my last blog post, I was asked what books I’d purchased (read or in the queue to read), and I thought… BLOG MATERIAL!

Here’s my current list. I’ll add links wherever I can. Don’t worry— they’re not “affiliate” links, trying to sell you something, and I don’t earn a cut. If I link to a book, the link will deliver you to Goodreads (where I keep a queue of “want to read” books) so you can check the crowd-sourced reviews.

The “books” are mainly of the digital sort. I read a lot, and I keep a very active Kindle, but the digital backgammon books I’ve purchased have all come through Apple’s iBooks. I play my online games on an iPad mini, so I thought I’d keep my “reading-reading” on the Kindle and my backgammon-specific things on the iPad. At this point, I only have two “analog” backgammon books; I’ll note those, but otherwise just know my “books” are mainly digital.

I’m not in a position to review them; at my level, any book that gives me a new piece of knowledge, or a different perspective, is a “good” book. I’ll let the crowd-sourced reviewers of Goodreads do that heavy lifting for me. I may occasionally offer a quip or two. Some might be great for beginners, others not so much. My plan is to work through them, setting them aside for later if they contain deeper water than I can swim in at the time.

Here we go:

Backgammon for Dummies,” Chris Bale. The first book I purchased to learn the game. Because I’m a backgammon dummy. At least at that point in time. Maybe still so.

Backgammon for Winners,” Bill Robertie. Because, after being a “Dummy,” who wouldn’t want to grow into becoming a “Winner”? Duh.

Vision Laughs at Counting, With Advice to the Dicelorn,” Danny Kleinman.

Backgammon: an independent view,” Chris Bray.

How Good Are You at Backgammon?: 50 Challenging Situations for You to Rate Your Ability with the Experts,” Nicolaos Tzannes. I’m too scared to open this one at the moment. Maybe the next few moments, too.

Priority Thinking – a guide to quick and accurate decision-making at the backgammon board,” Clyde Wolpe, Grant Hoffman.

The Backgammon Book,” Oswald Jacoby, John Crawford. This used paperback was gifted to me by a friend who knew of my interest in getting serious about the game. Mine is the 13th printing of the paperback edition, from 1979. I carry it in my computer bag and pull it out for a few pages at a time when I’m waiting around and don’t want to unload electronics. Also, I get to underline passages. Using a pencil. A book, with no batteries required. Who knew?


Backgammon,” Paul Magriel. Because it’s the Bible, right? I purchased this one from AbeBooks, which is where I go in search of first printings/first editions (one of my other things). In this case, though, a 6th printing of the 1st edition. It’s a hardcover, with the original book jacket. It’s also very intimidating. I’m saving it for a special occasion (i.e., dessert, once I’ve read all the rest).

I’m sure there will eventually be more added to this list (e.g., “Backgammon Boot Camp”), but this is the list that is getting me started for now.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did. Let me know!

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