1,400 Games

Yes. Yes it did.

After taking nearly four months to play 400 games on Daily Gammon, here I am, just over two months later, with 1,400 games under my belt.

That’s a pretty serious escalation, and I blame it on the doubling cube. The games really start adding up when your matches go to multiple points.

For those who don’t know my “backgammon timeline,” prepare for the boring:

  • Began playing the game in May of this year (2019)
  • Discovered Daily Gammon on May 14
  • While traveling, played one-point matches to learn the game
  • Decided in August I would get serious, bought many books
  • Began playing with the doubling cube for the first time in September
  • Had a Birthday, showered with gammon gear, continued reading
  • Located a local League in October, kept getting crushed using the cube
  • Began clawing back in November, and attended my first League meeting
The ups and downs (and downs, and downs) of learning

So I’ve been playing for six months, three of those with serious intent, and only two of those in multi-point matches using the cube, with one week in a League setting. No lie: There’s been a lot of discouragement involved. And a few victories; just enough to hold total-discouragement at bay.

A few successes, here and there

I continually remind myself I’m a newbie with a long horizon, goals, and self-imposed benchmarks. Still, each new “leveling up” of the process— learning the doubling cube, playing in a club setting with 40-year-experienced players— leads to an inevitable crushing of my spirit and FIBS/ELO score.

I started this blog when I got serious about the game in September precisely because I knew there would be soul-crushing moments, and writing about the ups and downs here will hopefully prevent me from kicking puppies.

Unless they have it coming.

I have so much to learn, still, and staring up at the mountain from its base is intimidating. But there’s hope, and with very, very few outliers, the people I’ve interacted with along the way have been exceptionally nice.

In the end, it is what it is: it’s a process and I’m serious about it.

Like, studying-flash-cards serious (you’d be surprised at the odd looks you get from non-backgammon friends when you tell them that one).

You have to put in the work.

And for me, the way I figure it is, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Everyone’s gotta’ start somewhere

Rating: 1429.87 – Experience: 1,400

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