What could that be?

Seventeen pounds of UPS delivery.

Let’s open it up and see.

Safety first.

A box in a box.

Safely snuggled in styrofoam.

Getting clarity, now!

The moment of truth.

3… 2…

Open sesame!

A Wycliffe Brothers Tournament 23″.

Aw, you sexy thing.

Talk about trouble with the cube…

Ridiculous. Marvelously ridiculous.

So, you have probably guessed by now that a new backgammon board came in today. I have a birthday coming up and it sort of just happened…

Purchased during the Labor Day weekend (because, sales), it arrived just about ninety minutes ago. My wife, who we’re calling “B” here, lost the inaugural match. Better her than me.

That brings to three the number of boards I have in the house: a (much) smaller attache board I purchased from a friend for $7, a roll-up leather travel board I purchased for our trip to Italy (and which I take with me, packed away in my computer bag, pretty much everywhere I go), and now this monster.

A guy needs appropriate equipment for tournaments.

Particularly when it’s his birthday. Or birthday-ish. Close counts.

Rating: 1441.43 – Experience 417

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